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Saturday Morning Classes

Ages 2-6 years

Our early years sparklers classes are designed as tasters of different theatre techniques, including ballet, modern, rhythm work, tap, singing and performing. 

Each session is divided to give our students a chance to shine in different areas, whilst keeping their interest and a suitable level of challenge. They will learn the basics of  technique with a strong focus on storytelling, creativity and expression. 

We feel this is the best preparation for children of this age to develop confidence in the whole subject. It also helps parents or guardians to find out what their children enjoy without the pressure of trying lots of different classes. 

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Diddi Sparklers: Ages 2-3 years
£3.50 per session

Creative introduction to movement, singing and performing. 

Mini Sparklers: Ages 3-4 years
£4.50 per session
Includes ballet, modern, rhythm work, (in preparation for tap) singing and performing. 

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SparklersAges 5-6 years
£6 per session

Includes ballet, modern, tap and performing. 

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All Saturday classes are live streamed to the waiting area!

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NEW CLASSAges 4-6 years
£25 - 6 week block

This style of dance builds on their technique from their Saturday classes and expands their movement vocabulary by introducing core skills like kicks, turns, jumps and travelling steps, all set to some great tunes!

Children need to attend in something comfortable and be in bare feet. There is no need for any uniform, footwear or dance wear until you are confident that your child is regularly attending.


Once your child has settled, parents and guardians are encouraged to stay for the duration of the class in our waiting area. At Northbrook Theatre Studios you can help yourselves to tea and coffee. A live stream from the class will also be available for you to watch what your small people are up to.

FUSE are committed to inclusivity. Please contact us if your child has any additional needs or requirements that we can support. All children are welcome. All studios have full disabled access. 

All FUSE tutors are subject qualified, with full DBS and first aid certification and Public Liability cover.

Please complete the booking form for a FREE TRIAL session!

Northbrook Theatre Studios

Durrington High School


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